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Tuttle Motor & Hardware has what you want for your farm, home, ranch and hunting needs. Our South Texas dealership offers a wide selection of Case IH Tractors, Cub Cadet and Stihl Outdoor Power Equipment, Polaris Rangers and ATV’s as well as Steffen System hay accumulators and Kuhn Knight hay and feeding equipment. We pride ourselves on giving our customers the best service, the best parts and accessories, and the best prices!

A classic reborn, the new Case IH Farmall
tractors offer the same rugged versatility that revolutionized farming in the 1920’s. Tough, durable and simple to operate with lots of leg room, the all new Case IH Farmall Tractors feature options such as a cab and 4 wheel drive. If you are looking for the ideal utility tractor for your farm or ranch check out our Case IH Farmall Tractors, with fourteen Farmall models ranging from 26 to 90 HP these tractors are perfectly suited for part-time or full-time farmers. Also, Cub Cadet has joined forces with Yanmar to bring you a new generation of compact tractors. The Cub Cadet/ Yanmar Ex3200 has a 32HP Yanmar diesel engine, hydrostatic transmission and 4 wheel drive. Come in and see our Case IH and Cub Cadet/Yanmar tractors and see how affordable they are to own.

For the farmer, rancher or hunter come by Tuttle Motor & Hardware and drive the rugged Polaris Ranger XP, the Ranger HD, the  Ranger RZR, the Ranger CREW, as well as a full line of Polaris ATV’s. We specialize in rigging Polaris Rangers for farmers, ranchers and hunters. We can rig your Polaris Ranger with Rugged Gear gun rack accessories, Lone Star Outdoor steel roofs and high seats, as well as Essex Kevlar belted “run flat” tires.

For your outdoor Power Equipment needs, we carry Stihl and Cub CadetSTIHL brings you a full line of handheld equipment built for power and dependability, including trimmers, blowers, chain saws, shredder/vacs, and multi-task tools. Professionals and homeowners know STIHL products provide durability and operating features that make yard care easy. Come to Tuttle Motor & Hardware where we match the big chain stores pricing on Cub Cadet and we always service what we sell. Cub Cadet offers a huge selection of riding mowers that are designed for any size job. Cub Cadet has value priced mowers with decks from 42 to 54 inches and premium shaft drive mowers with decks up to 60 inches. Cub Cadet has the best line up of Zero Turn mowers in the industry with six homeowner models and 17 commercial grade mowers. The RZT and Z-Force Zero Turn mowers offer a great value for the homeowner with deck sizes from 42 to 54 inches. Cub Cadet offers three levels of commercial mowers- the entry level Enforcer Zero-turn mower, is equipped with Kohler Command V-TWIN Engines and heavy-duty fabricated deck. The mid range Recon Zero-Turn mower is equipped with the same features but with a larger frame and heavier transmission. The top of the line TANK is the ultimate in Zero-Turn mowers for durability and productivity with deck sizes from 48 to 72 inches and engines from 23HP to 37HP.  Come see us for sales, parts and service for all Cub Cadet Power equipment.

At Tuttle Motor & Hardware, we offer our commercial hay operators a complete hay production package. Our customers start their hay operation with a KUHN disc mower, then use a KUHN tedder, followed by a KUHN rotary rake which makes a perfect windrow for baling. Next, they follow up with one of our CaseIH square balers with a Steffen System square bale accumulator behind it. With Steffen System bale handlers, a hay operator can put up all his hay with one person. KUHN has been the world leader in hay-making equipment for more than 40 years. KUHN mowing machines, tedders and rakes are famous for their quality, performance, reliability and longevity. KUHN provides the perfect product line for our hay producers in South Texas. KUHN Knight is the world-wide leader in Manure Spreaders and offers a full range of Rear Discharge and Side-Discharge Spreaders. From slurry to pen pack or anything in-between KUHN Knight has a spreader to fit virtually every customer’s needs.

We are proud to offer an extensive line of equipment suited for our South Texas customers. This includes equipment from CaseIH, Kuhn Knight, Polaris, Rhino, Bushhog, Aerway, Athens, Westendorf, Haybusters, Great Plains, Steffen Systems, Cub Cadet, and Stihl.

Parts Carried Brands Carried We Offer Popular Bush Hog Parts Carried Popular Cub Cadet Parts Carried
Bush Hog Bale Baron Augers Bush Hog Box Blade Parts Cadet Parts
Cub Cadet Bush Hog Bat Wing Cutter Bush Hog Hay Bale Loader Parts Cub Cadet 1042 Parts
Kuhn Knight Case IH Blowers Bush Hog Hay Cart Parts Cub Cadet 1050 Parts
Polaris ATV Cub Cadet Brushcutters Bush Hog Hay Spear Parts Cub Cadet 1554 Parts
Polaris Ranger Deweze Case IH Attachments Bush Hog Landscape Rake Parts Cub Cadet Deck Parts
Rhino Farmall Tractors Case IH Loaders Bush Hog Landscape Tool Parts Cub Cadet Lawn Mower Parts
Troy-Bilt Kuhn Knight Chainsaws Bush Hog Lawn Mower Parts Cub Cadet Lawn Mowers Parts
  Polaris ATVs Chippers Bush Hog Log Splitter Parts Cub Cadet Lawn Tractor Parts
  Steffen Systems Commercial Lawnmowers Bush Hog Post Hole Digger Parts Cub Cadet Lawnmower Parts
  Stihl Commercial Mowers Bush Hog Rear Mounted Blade Parts Cub Cadet LT1042 Parts
  Troy-Bilt Disc Mower Conditioners Bush Hog Rotary Ditcher Parts Cub Cadet LT1045 Parts
  Yanmar Tractors Edgers Bush Hog Rotary Tiller Parts Cub Cadet LT1050 Parts
    Feed Mixers Bush Hog Round Bale Mover Parts Cub Cadet Mower Deck Parts
    Flex Wing Cutters Bush Hog Belly Mower Parts Cub Cadet Mower Parts
    Garden Tractors Bush Hog Flail Mower Parts Cub Cadet Mowers Parts
    Generators Bush Hog Flex Wing Cutter Parts Cub Cadet Parts
    Hay Accumulators Bush Hog Hay Mower Parts Cub Cadet Parts Dealers
    Hay Equipment Bush Hog Rotary Cutter Parts Cub Cadet Pulling Parts
    Lawn Tractors Bush Hog Skip Row Cutter Parts Cub Cadet Replacement Parts
    Lawnmowers Bush Hog Squealer Parts Cub Cadet RZT 50 Parts
    Leaf Vacuums Bush Hog Stalk Shredder Parts Cub Cadet RZT Parts
    Mowers Bush Hog Tri Deck Mower Parts Cub Cadet Snow Blower Parts
    Polaris Accessories Bush Hog Turf Hog Parts Cub Cadet Snow Thrower Parts
    Polaris Back Splash Bush Hog Zero Turn Mower Parts Cub Cadet Tractor Parts
    Polaris Brush Guards   Cub Cadet Trimmer Parts
    Polaris Bumpers Popular Gravely Parts Carried Cub Cadet Zero Turn Parts
    Polaris Dealer In South Texas Gravely 1100 Series Parts Cub Farmall Tractor Parts
    Polaris Dealer In Texas Gravely 1200 Series Parts Cub Lo Boy 154 Parts
    Polaris Dealer Texas Gravely 7173H Parts Cub Parts
    Polaris Dealers In South Texas Gravely 994FL Parts Cub Tractor Parts
    Polaris Dealers In Texas Gravely 994FX Parts Farmall Cub Parts
    Polaris Dealers Texas Gravely Chipper Parts Farmall Cub Tractor Parts
    Polaris Doors Gravely Chore Parts IH Cub Cadet Parts
    Polaris Front Racks Gravely EverRide Parts IH Cub Parts
    Polaris Metal Tops Gravely EverRide Pro Walk Parts IH Farmall Cub Parts
    Polaris Tires Gravely EverRide YJ Parts International Cub Cadet Parts
    Polaris Wind Shields Gravely EverRide Zero Turn Parts International Cub Parts
    Pressure Washers Gravely Four Wheel Tractor Parts International Cub Tractor Parts
    Pumps Gravely GEM Parts International Harvester Cub Cadet Parts
    Rotary Cutters Gravely Generator Parts Lawn Mower Parts Cub Cadet
    Rotary Mowers Gravely GLT Tractor Parts LT1050 Cub Cadet Parts
    Rotary Rakes Gravely Great Dane Parts Parts Cub Cadet
    Seeding Equipment Gravely Great Dane Pro Walk Parts Parts For Cub Cadet
    Shredders Gravely Great Dane Zero Turn Parts Parts For Cub Cadet Lawn Mower
    South Texas Polaris Dealer Gravely GT Tractor Parts Parts For Cub Cadet Lawn Tractor
    South Texas Polaris Dealers Gravely HWM Parts Parts For Cub Cadet Mowers
    Texas Polaris Dealer Gravely Lawn Edger Parts Super Cub Parts
Texas Polaris Dealers Gravely Leaf Blower Parts
Tillage Equipment Gravely Log Splitter Parts
Tillers Gravely Mini ZT Parts
Tractors Gravely Pressure Washer Parts
Trimmers Gravely Pro 100 Power Unit Parts
Yanmar Loaders Gravely Pro 150 Parts
Zero Turn Mowers Gravely Pro 200 Power Unit Parts
Gravely Pro 250 Parts
Stihl Products Carried Gravely Pro Gear Walk Behind Unit Parts
Stihl Augers Gravely Pro Hydro Walk Behind Unit Parts
Stihl Axes Gravely Pro Ride Parts
Stihl Blowers Gravely Pro Turn 100 Parts
Stihl Brushcutters Gravely Pro Turn 200 Parts
Stihl Chain Saws Gravely Pro Turn 400 Parts
Stihl Concrete Cutters Gravely Pro Turn Parts
Stihl Edgers Gravely Pro Vac Parts
Stihl Hedge Trimmers Gravely ProAire Parts
Stihl Lawn Mowers Gravely Promaster 100 Parts
Stihl Pole Pruners Gravely Promaster 100i Parts
Stihl Pruners Gravely Promaster 144Z Parts
Stihl Sprayers Gravely Promaster 148Z Parts
Stihl Trimmers Gravely Promaster 152Z Parts
Stihl Vacuums Gravely Promaster 160Z Parts
Gravely Promaster 200 Parts
Gravely Promaster 22H Parts
Gravely Promaster 250Z Parts
Gravely Promaster 252Z Parts
Gravely Promaster 260Z Parts
Gravely Promaster 272Z Parts
Gravely Promaster 300 Parts
Gravely Promaster 30H Parts
Gravely Promaster 310 Parts
Gravely Promaster 320 Parts
Gravely Promaster 34Z Parts
Gravely Promaster 350 Parts
Gravely Promaster 400 Parts
Gravely Promaster 44Z Parts
Gravely Promaster 48Z Parts
Gravely Promaster 50 Parts
Gravely Promaster Gear Parts
Gravely Push Lawn Mower Parts
Gravely Rapid Parts
Gravely Rapid XZ Parts
Gravely Rear Engine Rider Parts
Gravely Reel Mower Parts
Gravely Riding Lawn Mower Parts
Gravely Self Propelled Parts
Gravely Skidster Parts
Gravely Specialty Equipment Parts
Gravely Sport ZT Parts
Gravely Stand On Lawn Mower Parts
Gravely String Trimmer Parts
Gravely Thatch O Matic Parts
Gravely Tow Behind Equipment Parts
Gravely Tractor Parts
Gravely Trimmers Parts
Gravely Two Wheel Tractor Parts
Gravely Utility Vehicle Parts
Gravely Walk Behind Lawn Mower Parts
Gravely WAW Parts
Gravely Zero Turn Lawn Mower Parts
Gravely ZT HD Parts
Gravely ZT Parts