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When you're ready to by a new tractor, do yourself a favor and check out the Case IH Farmall series. If you have a small operation and need an economically priced, no frills tractor, look at the Farmall A series. With Horse powers ranging from 32 to 70 engine HP, the Farmall 30A, Farmall 35A, Farmall 50A, Farmall 60A, and the Farmall 70A are loaded with features at a great price.

Farmall A Series Tractors

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Farmall 30A and 35A tractors feature a 12x12 mechanical shuttle transmission or an optional 3-range hydrostatic. It has an electrohydraulic engagement PTO, an 8.2 GPM implement hydraulic pump, and has a 3-point lift capacity of 1807 LBS. The Farmall 50A, 60A, and 70A have a standard 8x8 mechanical shuttle transmission, one standard rear remote valve, 11.9 GPM hydraulic implement pump, and 2701 LBS of 3-point lift capacity. Get one equipped with front wheel drive and add a loader and you have a tractor that out preforms the Kubota MX series or a John Deere 5E series.

If you need a larger tractor, but do not want to break your budget try the Farmall 100A series. The new Farmall 110A, Farmall 120A, Farmall 130A, and the Farmall 140A range in size from 110 engine HP to 140 engine HP. They have a no clutch power shuttle transmission, load sensing remotes with flow control are standard, 3-point lift capacity of 7,200 Lbs, and an all new cab with optional Hi visibility roof panel. With more standard features and more built in weight than the John Deere 6D series or the Kubota M100GX series, it is easy to see the Farmall 100A series in a lot better value than the competition.

Farmall C Series Tractors

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For a full featured tractor we have the Farmall C Series Deluxe Compact Tractors. The Farmall 30C, Farmall 35C, Farmall 40C, and the Farmall 50C. The standard transmission is a 12x12 synchro shuttle on the 30C and 35C. The standard transmission on the 40C and 50C is a 16x16 synchro shuttle. Both have an optional 3 range hydrostatic transmission, with 2 pedal operation for ease of operation. Now with a factory in stalled cab option you can use your tractor year round. When compared to the John Deere R series compact tractor and the Kubota Grand L60 series you will find the Farmall exceeding many of the competitions performance and weight specifications.

Looking for a deluxe utility tractor, the Farmall 75C, Farmall 90C, Farmall 100C Farmall 110C and the Farmall 120C are full of features for demanding livestock operations. With engine HP ranging from 74 to 117 there is a tractor for any job. The Farmall 90C and up have a 12x12 clutch less power shuttle transmission, 16.9 GPM hydraulic flow at the remotes, and an optional 5,620 lbs of lift capacity on the 3-point lift. You can get an optional high visibility roof panel and an additional instructor seat in the cab.

When compared to the John Deere 5E series, the John Deere 5M series or the Kubota M60 series you will see that the Farmall C series utility tractors are built to deliver the power and performance you need, reliably and cost effectively.

Farmall U Series Tractors

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The premier all-purpose tractor for hay operations and heavy loader use, is the Farmall U Series Tractors. The Farmall 110U at 107 engine HP and the Farmall 120U at 117 engine HP has superior visibility over the hood and through the high visibility roof panel for loader work. The standard transmission is a 16x16 4 range 4 speed power shift, with an electrohydraulic shuttle. It has a 21.1 GPM implement pump and 8,084 Lb lift capacity on the 3-point hitch.

When you put this all together you will see the Farmall U series tractors are a far better value than the John Deere 5M series, or the Kubota M6 series tractors.